Last week in Theatre

I was super lucky last week for having been blasted with theatrical delights. Here they are:

The ballet “La Sylphide” at the English National Opera! Brilliantly performed by the Australian Ballet Company!


Then there was the PROMS, the World’s most established Classical Music Festival, ¬†at the Royal Albert Hall! Last year I went to my first PROM performance with Glynnis, which was “Elektra” by Strauss. This year I was super excited to see Eric Whitaker, American conductor and composer, conducting a repertoire of¬†American works including his own pieces! I was blown away! And he included audience participation- so technically I have been conducted by Eric Whitaker.


Royal Albert Hall


Glynnis and me in our seats!




The brilliant statue that we visited during intermission

At last I made it… The Globe Theatre! I am a groundling at a production of “Much Ado About Nothing” by William Shakespeare. This was the first time I had watched this play- I can say it is ranked up there as a favourite of old Bill’s works. It has it all: humour, drama, romance, comedy, deceit. All the good stuff! I also had great company: my new theatre keen friend Alicia and her friend Alannah!


In our spot!


Inside the theatre

I am so lucky to be able to see so many shows- at reasonable prices. This is one aspect of London life that I will miss. My Vancouver friends and family— be ready for loads of theatre, poetry slam, story telling and concert invitations from this girl- I don’t want to go through withdrawls.